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Parking FAQs

About Lincoln Airport Parking

Ease and convenience also extend to parking at the Lincoln Airport. In fact, you can go from parking lot, to ticket counter, to security, to terminal gate, in one-third the time it takes at larger, near-by airports.
Not only will you get through the process faster at Lincoln Airport, you will pay less for parking which allows you to concentrate on the really important part of your trip – your destination.

Parking Locations

Lincoln Airport offers both covered parking and open parking lot options adjacent to the terminal. All parking areas are a short walk directly across from the terminal.

Parking Rates

The rate structure for parking at Lincoln Airport varies by parking lot location.


For your convenience, we accept cash, VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS.

How to Pay Instructions

Cash Payments
• Proceed to exit plaza and use lane marked “Cash or Credit”

Credit or Debit Card Payments
• Proceed to exit plaza and use lane marked “Credit Card Only”
• Insert parking ticket into slot labeled “Please Insert Ticket”
• Parking fee due will be displayed on the screen
• Insert and remove card into slot labeled “Credit Cards” – magnetic stripe down and to the right
• Parking receipt is automatically printed – please retrieve from “Please take our receipt” slot
• For assistance, please press the “Intercom” button

• Proceed to exit plaza and use lane marked “Cash or Credit”

Extended Stay

Customers leaving their vehicle in a Lincoln Airport parking facility for longer than 30 days must contact the Parking Manager at 402-475-8080 and make arrangements for an extended stay. Any vehicle left longer than 60 days with no arrangement is subject to tow.

Free Parking

The first 20 minutes of parking at the South Lot and North Lot are free.

Parking Coupons

Sign up for a parking coupon to save $1 off Daily or $5 off Weekly Rate at the South Lot and North Lot.

ADA Accessibility

Designated parking spaces located in each parking facility for customers with physical challenges.

Questions about Parking at Lincoln Airport

For additional information regarding the airport’s parking lots, please call (402) 475-8080.