Parking at Lincoln Airport

Lincoln Airport provides convenient and affordable parking on-site. The airport works with SP+, a leading national provider of parking facility management services, to provide friendly and efficient services to travelers. Both outdoor parking lots and a covered parking garage adjacent to the terminal are available. All parking areas are a short walk directly across from the terminal.

Customers leaving their vehicle in a Lincoln Airport parking facility for longer than 30 days must contact the Parking Manager at 402-475-8080 and make arrangements for an extended stay. Any vehicle left longer than 60 days with no arrangement is subject to tow.

Parking Locations Max per 24hrs Weekly Max
Parking Garage Reserved Parking at Garage $12.50 N/A
Parking Garage Parking Garage $9.50 N/A
North Lot North Lot $6.50 $39.00
South Lot South Lot $7.00 $42.00

Designated parking spaces located in each parking facility for customers with physical challenges.


Coupon Registration

NOTE: Coupon discount can only be applied if the customer presents a valid parking ticket for the North or South lots. If a customer loses their parking ticket, they will be charged the standard lost ticket fee and the coupon discount will be invalid.